Letting Go

Let go?


So easily said… yet not one of us finds letting go so easy! Indeed if letting go were so simple, we might all be millionaires or murderers.

Millionaires?   without feelings we would allow our resources to be risked, rather than to collect slowly pooling up in our accounts, and under our beds. Instead we cling to, debate and worry about our resources. We squirrel away and we deny our impulses. And we live to have and have to live. For us now and for later. We balance our impulses with respect and preparation for our futures.

Murderers? In order to let go without suffering, a complete lack of feelings would be required.  Rather than utilize self control, limit ourselves and make adjustments internally, we often choose to eliminate the perceived offender! Thankfully we do feel deeply. In fact it is good to feel! We feel deeply because we are alive and we can empathize with our fellow man. We choose to live and to let live.

“Death and letting go are inseparable; both are painful and both are required.”

Recently, I have been faced with circumstances requiring a letting go experience. After  finding out late in life that we were expecting a baby. My husband and I, decided that it would be best for our family if I left my Sales Designer position with a large company. We began to make plans and changes so that I could stay home with the new baby. Since I hadn’t planned on having another child (we already had 8 between our blended family), I was having a hard time accepting the finality of this transition. you see I am 45 and a grandmother already. I loved my work and the financial blessings that came from working outside the house. I wasn’t quite ready to let that go. For almost 8 months I struggled emotionally with letting go of my career, until just 2 weeks before our little sweet addition was born. I finally reconciled myself to release the “could’ve beens” for the “reality.”

When life happens we feel pressured to make decisions; to choose the change, to release the objects of our hands or heart’s desire. I believe we must develop the skill to release, to let go our feelings for people or desire for  better things. We were created to: love, cherish, adore, appreciate, share affection openly, and finally to learn to forgive and give. Eventually we understand we have enough.  We are ready then to return some of the blessings we have received.

We must release our tightly held fists, to open our hands, to give and to receive once again.

How then, do we navigate the minefield of feelings and our deep emotional attachments? How do we let go of disappointment, say goodbye to those we love, or face rejection, correction and change? How do we boldly face the future?

We cannot walk freely into the future while holding tightly on to yesterday.  We acknowledge, muse, debate, and eventually we relinquish our attempt to control, what we cannot control at all: change. The more tightly we hold on, the less freedom we experience. We become slaves to our own emotional bonds.

As we learn to let go, we admit we are not as powerful as we wish we were. We humble our proud little hearts and accept life for what it really is. Letting go, because whatever we were holding was never fully and completely ours. Instead our experiences were a gift or a lesson for a moment in time. We are responsible for

Letting go, intentionally frees us from the emotional burden of holding more than our reasonable ability. Our loads are lighter, our souls are deeper.Eventually we always find a way to begin again. As we make those decisions to prune away  blighted, broken, and less useful pieces of our lives,  the strongest and  ultimately  the most beautiful parts of  us flourish, like roses after pruning. When we let go, we grow.

We may never be millionaires and God forbid we are murderers. But I do believe we can let go. We are meant to receive, release, have grace, forgive and to love deeply.  This life has benefits and opportunities.  Benefits being all that is good and full of hope. Opportunities being all that we dislike and must work to remedy. So we choose to let go of all the negative and harmful baggage in our lives. Breathe deep, live lighter, be 100% invested in today, giving our very best to those we love. Wake up every day knowing that change will come. When it does, accept it, let go, move on, and begin again … better, stronger, wiser.