My Life as a Jellyfish

Let me explain…

On a recent trip to the  Monterey Bay Aquarium in California. I was struck by the simplicity of the jellyfish.  Floating along within the tides of  their ocean life without a care in the world, mainly because they don’t have brains. Sometimes I too feel I may have lost my brain. At odd moments I find myself wondering around the house aimlessly, doing nothing more than trailing my legs behind me and wishing some food would come my way.

Looking at those blooms of Jelly fish inside the thick glass walls at the Monterey Bay Aquarium , I  reflected on how many times I thought I was in full control of the direction in my life. How I had struggled to manage every detail of my current situation and be better prepared for the future. Being a natural born strategic planner I would read every available article, book and  blog to find out what ten things I needed to do next. Wave after wave of inspiration would come my way and I would make lists, create dream boards,  then schedule my success into my calendar.  Proudly I would  proclaim to my fellow “Jellys” that I had a new plan! I would then stretch out my tentacles in the opposite direction of life’s current in hopes of catching the next wave to success. But no matter how determined I was, things never stayed the same.

Jellys don’t have brains and they don’t have permanent dwellings. If a jellyfish could hold a thought or make a wish; even then they would find themselves pulled along in the currents of the ocean.  Not only do I occasionally exhibit limited brain function, I have never been able to establish myself in any one coral reef or bay.  If I am a jellyfish my life has been a tsunami of events. Those events have crashed my plans and dreams propelling me out of my natural habitat. Don’t get me wrong; I’ve enjoyed all of the different oceanscapes I have been thrown into, as I realize they were all God breathed and beautifully diverse. I always succumb to the current and  along with all my fellow jellys I participate in the greater jelly bloom again.

Jelly’s procreate by creating individal small pods that eventually attach to surrounding surfaces. They do not stay with their mother but they instead cling to the objects in the ocean underworld. With 6 natural born children and 3 children by marriage I would have to say this too reminds me of my life as a jellyfish. It seems once those little jellys are brought  into the world they soon find themselves attached to their surroundings, other living creatures, or found wondering aimlessly through the vast ocean. Eventually they are so busy searching for the right current, eating and procreating they  soon are long gone in the great ocean of life. Oh, we pass occasionally when our currents collide and we enjoy the camaraderie of each others company. We see the similarities among us, and we share what food sources are available together. But before long we drift apart in the busy current of life.

Some jelly fish  are believed to be immortal.  I too must be immortal. After all I should be dead already.  I  feel very old and I am sure that I have lived through enough for several lifetimes! Jellys are food for Sea turtles.  I have definitely been pursued by enemies like the giant sea turtles chase the jellies, but here I am still swimming.

Many times I have been thrown out of my known world by the tide of change onto the dry sands of despair. It was there that I narrowly missed dying of depression a time or two; feeling out of place, hopeless and  so helpless to return to normalcy. But just like God’s grace and mercy, the tides of change came again and I was swept up into the refreshing vastness of God’s beautiful design once again. Each time coming to life with a better perspective and appreciation for new beginnings.

For now, I am floating along in my life near the Gulf Bay,  I hear that a huge storm of hurricane magnitude is about to hit. So Ill just keep swimming, because that is what jellyfish do best!

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